How to make epic pancakes with your Japanese rice cooker

Every summer, I try to spend as many days as possible on the beach at Enoshima, and each time I get out of the station and walk towards the sand, I pass a long line of people waiting for a seat at the local pancake restaurant. This isn’t Japan’s only pancake joint with a lengthy wait, either, as you can find similar eateries with comparable lines in Tokyo, too.

It used to strike me as a little weird. After all, whipping up a stack of pancakes isn’t exactly the most challenging culinary feat. It can get tedious, though, as you settle into a monotonous pattern of plopping batter into the pan, flipping the half-cooked cake, and repeating over and over again.

Or, you could bypass all that by making an entire batch of pancakes all at once in a rice cooker.

Yes, it turns out the most ubiquitous of Japanese kitchen appliances can in fact be used to help you cook a classic American breakfast. But while the flavor of rice cooker pancakes may be traditional, their appearance is anything but.
rice cooker pancake
If you’re familiar with electric rice cookers, you know their major appeal is that the cooking process in entirely automated. The same goes for using them to make pancakes, and once you’ve done the prep work, you can leave the rest up to the machine.

To start, simply toss your pancake mix and any other ingredients it calls for into the rice cooker’s pot.

Next, stir everything together until it reaches a uniform consistency.

After that, hit the start button, and your role is done. As with making a pot of rice, the pancake should take about 45 minutes to cook. Once the process is complete, flip open the lid and claim your delicious prize.

First-timers should be careful not to fill the pot too high, though. Doing so can cause the top of the cake to fuse with the lid, making it difficult to open. Also, trying to cook too much at once can leave the pancake’s core gooey, although this can be salvaged with some time in the microwave.

As you can see, making a whole batch as a single solid block results in an incredibly thick pancake. It can also end up having a pretty large diameter, depending on the size of the rice cooker you use.

Efficiency experts have probably already picked up on one of the hidden benefits of this method: less stuff to wash. With the orthodox way of cooking pancakes, you have to mix the batter in a bowl using a spoon, pour it into a frying pan, and then turn the cakes with a spatula, and all those utensils need to be cleaned afterwards. With a rice cooker, all you’ve got to wash are the pot and mixing spoon.

Rice cooker pancakes aren’t just great for lazy people, either. Some inventive gourmands have spruced theirs up by adding special ingredients, such as chunks of chocolate and sliced bananas.

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Selling Espresso in College

espressoIt is pretty difficult to make money while in college studying medicine. However, with determination and focus I successfully completed the course without any student loans. I am proud of myself , deep inside me I know you can do it too. I would like to encourage you to do some business irrespective of whether you’re in college, retired, or working. To begin with, I have had entrepreneurial spirit from a tender age and I was a saver from the word go.

I never gave up despite a string of unsuccessful business ventures, and immediately I was enrolled in medicine school I started researching on how to start a coffee shop. Therefore, I delved into reading everything about coffee and spend a great deal of time on espresso maker reviews written by experts. It dawned on me that my capital was so limited, but could start a small coffee shop. What really encouraged me is that even big companies started small and eventually grew into multinationals. The story of coca-cola selling only 9 bottles per day in the beginning blew my mind away.

The next challenge was to find a suitable location for the coffee shop. Luckily, in the neighborhood there was a single business room that was deserted. It’s like someone tried to do some business and failed or just moved on. I approached the old landlady popularly known as Amy, and after we agreed on rent I signed the necessary documents. The rest is history… The fact that I had limited money I had to buy a versatile espresso machine that could handle large volumes. Therefore, I went back to read more of the espresso machine reviews.

It can be really challenging to pick the best even after reading espresso maker reviews. In business, you must cut down on cost and maximize profits. At the same time, you must offer value to your customers. This is reason why I had to understand all varieties available on the market and their finer details. I had the choice of stream driven types, automatic, semi-automatic, super automatic, and manual machines. Based on the fact that I was starting a business I went for the most versatile that met my needs.

I considered a number of factors like too before parting me my money; machine aesthetics, grinding and frothing capabilities, capacity, water storage, and many other things in this line. And I am glad I made the right choice. You will make more than enough money if you make perfect espresso and not compromise on quality. You can’t believe it that my coffee shop still exist to date-15 years and counting. The coffee shop profits enabled me buy the building -and so no rents. Don’t give up, aim at the stars to reach the moon.

In Buying Cookware Sets

cookwareYou can’t make dinner without cookware and a good cookware set can be a good purchase. Yet do not forget, by no means highly-priced means higher quality. You need to balance between value and cost. Calphalon put in an additional metal to produce the cookware. Other than copper and stainless steel, they also put in aluminum to the build of the cookware. The effectiveness of heat transmission is attained with the copper on the external surface and aluminum as core.

Though you may find aluminum pots and pans an affordable, lightweight and heat responsive kind of cookware, cooking in them probably will have an effect on the taste of food. You will need to cook the tomatoes and various acidic foodstuff in other type of cooking equipment. Cast iron cookware is probably the greatest camp cookware to buy. Camping cookware must be very strong as you really need it for being realistic and usable.

You will find there’s a wide range of cooking equipment in the market, it’s difficult determining which type to get. The foremost aspect you should verify when searching for the best cookware set is sturdiness.

A greatly popular cookware material on higher end cookware will be the employment of stainless steel that has a copper core. Numerous brands line stainless steel cookware with a copper layer to attain wonderful results. Take a look at stainless steel cookware set reviews to help you in choosing the best cookware.

Maybe you don’t have to have a matching set of cookware in your kitchen. Getting cookware individually will let you get precisely what you require for your choice of cooking. The most efficient cookware contains an aluminum or copper core lined in stainless steel layers on the exterior and interior of the pan.

How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife

How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife by LifeHacker

kitchen knives

A dull knife is a cook’s worst enemy, and easily the most dangerous tool you can have in your kitchen. Thankfully, keeping your knives in good condition to use isn’t terribly difficult, and you probably already have the tools required to do it.

Honing or sharpening a knife is not a science. You’ll find different people do it in different ways, all of which can get the job done. Still, there is an easy and repeatable way to go about it that doesn’t involve potentially cutting yourself. Here’s how.

Honing vs. Sharpening

The first thing to clear up is the difference between honing a kitchen knife and sharpening one. When most people at home use a “honing steel” or “butcher’s steel,” or that long metal rod that comes in the center of a knife block, to “sharpen” their knives, what they’re really doing is honing them.

The difference is that a honing steel straightens out the blade of a knife, making the edge straight and ready to use. As you use a knife, the tip of the blade will eventually bend and curl so you don’t get a real blade-on cut at the very tip. The best you can really do at home is to hone your knives regularly to keep the cutting edge straight – for most at-home cooks, this makes the knives “feel” sharper. Check out this video at Chow for a visual description.

Actual knife sharpening is something you’ll probably want to have professionally done, but more on that later. First, let’s look at how you can keep your knives well honed.

How Do I Sharpen a Kitchen Knife?

The most common knife honing tool is a honing steel, or a butcher’s steel. They’re ideal for regular, per-use maintenance, and for bringing your knives back into alignment so they cut cleanly with each use. Most knife sets come with them, and most department stores sell them, and since they’re so common, we’ll focus on those.

Honing steels aren’t the only things you can use to keep your knives in working order. You could always buy a sharpening stone or water stone, which is usually a flat, rectangular stone that can come in coarse or fine grades depending on the type of knife you want to hone and how sharp you’d like it. You can also buy honing kits, which usually come with multiple sharpening stones of different grades. While we focus on honing steels, the same tips apply to sharpening stones as well.

As for manual or automatic knife sharpeners you can buy from department stores? They vary highly in quality by price and manufacturer, and they’re no real substitute for doing it yourself with a honing steel that you probably already have. Plus, some low-end sharpeners can do more damage to your knives than good. We suggest you avoid them altogether, save some cash, and do it yourself.